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"The other side” new cd by Ross Daly

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The other side....

     "Where does music come from?" He answered, "doesn't everybody have an other side to themselves which they don't really know? Music comes from there..."

The other side...

       Everything has a form, everything has a meaning. On the other side, everything has nothing and nothing is everything…

The other side

       Music, a thousand year journey in a single lifespan...





 Ross Daly: lyra, tarhu, saz, rabab

 Kelly Thoma: lyra

 Giorgis Manolakis: laouto

 Zohar Fresco: percussion

 Miles Jay: bass

 Pedram Khavarzamini: tombak

 Araz Salek: tar

 Efrén López Sanz: hurdy gurdy

 Christos Barbas: ney

 Nikolas Palaiologos: ud, cura saz

Track list:

1. Ask Evza saz semai

2. Earpigon

3. Isios Choros

4. Khammaj Syrtos

5. Kontylies & Sousta

6. Bayati Shiraz Tasnif

7. Neveser 14

8. Synkathistos

9. Makrinitsa