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"7Fish” 5/5 star review on fRoots magazine, May 2015 

" ...Gorgeous, exciting journey of her sharpely compositions (...) tense, mysterious, floating, with sudden bursts of flickering propulsion, moving out into a dark sea ..." Andrew Cronshaw , May 2015, #383 


“7Fish” by Raul de Gama at "The World Music Report"

“... (her music) is so dark and menacing as well as vibrant and joyful as are her performances throughout this remarkable release..."

“...Throughout Ms. Thoma brings requisite songfullness and understatement to the repertoire of the tradition of the lyra, while spinning the music with a deeply soulful 21st Century perspective...

"...And while “Piranhas” and its attendant drama is a particular favourite, I cannot help stress that each of the seven portraits evokes architectonic versions of the seven creatures of the sea. Each sounds with its own thrust and forward impetus. The undertow of the slower movements, however, underlines the movements’ combinations of disarming lyricism and rhythmic unrest. Again, dotted rhythms are incisively sprung and dramatically inflected in ways that will leave the listener breathless...” Raul de Gama, July 2015

read the full review here: http://theworldmusicreport.com/2015/07/02/reviews/cd-reviews/kelly-thoma-7-fish/ 

ABC Radio National , Australia 

Lucky Oceans on “Daily Planet", ABC Radio national 

"Kelly's ingenious compositions are inspired by 7 different fish and range in style from traditional Cretan to experimental sounds. She and Ross Daly play the Cretan Lyra (a spike fiddle) and are accompanied by a shifting, surging crew of instrumentalists on this evocative album. May 2015

Songlines #108, June issue 2015, Simon Broughton

"(...) it reveals her to be among the most interesting of the rich crop of Cretan lyra players currently active.(...) A very beautiful idea and album."